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July BNP kit – “Ohana”

When I saw the color palette for the July BNP kit, my first thought was Hawaii…and from there, “Lilo & Stitch”! Because we all know, I love Disney inspired kits!!! I kind of went crazy with this kit, so there are 2 separate element packs. One is basic Hawaii themed elements and the other one (called “Elements – Space), has the Lilo & Stitch themed elements (including an alien and cute little “stitch” look alike that I came up with…yes, I’m pretty proud of them!).  There are 6 packs total; 2 element packs, a journal card pack, word bits, papers and paints. As always, these will be just $1 each for the first week of July!

Are you ready to see them?

GPS_Aloha_Ele1 Preview

Elements 1 includes: bag, beadspill, bird, bows, buttons, boy, girl, clip, drink, fish, flip flops, flowers, leaves, ice cream, lantern, lei, lifeguard chair, paint, ribbons, ricrac, sandcastle, shell, staple, star fish, stitching, sun, sunglasses, sunscreen, surf board, swim suit, swim trunks, tags, tiki mask, tiki torch, towel, umbrella, wave and a word art!

GPS_Aloha_Ele2 Preview

Elements Space includes: banner, beach chair, beach ball, beadspill, boat, bows, ribbons, string, ricrac, buttons, boy, girls, brad, camera, clip, alien creatures, driftwood, flip flops, flowers, leaves, frame, man, paint, popsicle, shell, shirt, spaceship, stitching, sunglasses, surf board, swimsuit, tags, mask, tiki hut, tiki torch, tree, wave.


GPS_Aloha_JC Preview

GPS_Aloha_Paints Preview GPS_Aloha_Wordbit Preview GPS_Ohana_Paper Preview

And here’s some CT inspiration:

08-09-14SevenPeaks-O 1506_koszono_k 1506_ovivege_k 2014_July_Beach with Aunt Jenni (Small) Disneyland Aug 2014_7 Grace preschool grad_2 julie KW_OhanaLO1 KW_OhanaLO2 tammy tammy2 trinity

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