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Sandy Luke






Sandy Luke

I live in Midwest US. I’m a SAHM, with two little guys. One is almost 5, and the other is 3. I am beginning to homeschool them – I am working with the older one on kindergarten right now. The younger one joins us whenever we do something that interests him. My husband and I both graduated from seminary about 10
years ago, and we are part-time associate pastors at a small church. (My husband is also a computer programmer, and he works for a company that creates and maintains websites for mainly agriculture-related businesses.)

I started digiscrapping in 2007, not long before my first son was born. I was on several creative teams and a gallery praise team or two. Then I had my second child (2009), and things got much more busy. I’ve only recently begun to really get back to scrapping again. It’s great to be back and feel those creative juices flowing once again!

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